Virtual Classes

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Covid lockdown was a challenge for everyone, especially for those already faced with a health crisis.  Strength For Life realized very quickly that we needed to pivot our services from in person exercise classes, empowerment meetings, and wellness retreats to virtual programs in order to keep our SFL Family connected and healthy.  Within 24 hours of the official “stay at home” orders we had our very first “zoom” exercise session and by June of 2020 we had classes running 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day!  Our SFL Family grew in trainers, class offerings, and participants, and no one was left to fight alone.

There were a lot of learning curves for us and our cancer thrivers, but together we got there and now virtual classes are a part of our regular programming, even as we transition back to in person classes. 

Check out our Zoom video below to see what SFL looked like during the height of the pandemic or take an “on demand” class with one of our incredible trainers!  

For our full schedule of live virtual classes and links to each class please visit our Calendar.

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