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RECAP…Wellness Retreat #18

Posted Sunday February 12, 2017 by Debra Hughes


Wellness Retreat #18!!

WOW!!! Every.. single.. time..I get blown away. How in the world do I have the privilege of being in the presence of these incredibly inspiring women (and men!)? The stories of survivorship, intuition, getting put on a path-not a chosen one-and persevering…humbling to say the least.
Our day started with Penni Niles, intenSati Leader, she took our group through powerful movement affirmations – incredible! Some tears shed as she tapped into our inner child – powerful stuff! Penni has been with Strength for Life for YEARS and we are so very grateful for her commitment to our organization.

Next up was our Strength for Life Exercise Class! Flying solo, without my now retired gal Jacqui, I was able to synchronize a group wall squat, all demonstrated perfect form and we even had one champion hold the position for a full minute (way to go Michelle!)! Such fun while learning to incorporate exercise into the treatment and recovery plan…1 request for a Florida class….Jacqui???!!!

Time for lunch and a chat about environmental toxins, food, and epigenetics…yes, I stole Dr. Siobhan’s lecture:) Our resident N.D. is en route home from Switzerland, so Teresa and I did our best to provide the most valuable information from her powerpoint to our guests!

On to EFT, Emotional Freedom Tapping, lead by Diane Gordon, EFT Practitioner. Diane took the group through a series of techniques focusing on reducing their stress level by taking a negative thought and shifting the focus through affirmations and tapping on specific meridian/acupressure points. Many ah-ha moments, emotional releases, pain relief, and some clothes shedding (don’t let your mind wonder…lol).

Running a little over, we moved right into yoga with Kim. Starting with a peaceful shavasana (yoga pose), Kim had our guests connect with themselves using breathing, body poses, and meditative sounds. The whole theme was about going within and bringing the healing green light into their heart chakras. Beautiful experience for all and certainly set the stage for our Reiki Circle up next.

Our signature event of the weekend, our FABULOUS REIKI CIRCLE, lead by the incredible Rosemary Maginniss, who continuously gives of herself to organize these magnificent circles – so very grateful for Rosemary! We had so many reiki practitioners volunteer, the room was packed and the energy was palpable! Add in the incredible tunes of Sound Healing provided by Donna Nesterck (who just happens to be one of our honorees at our upcoming Recognition Dinner!), you have a pretty powerful environment! Our other honorees happen to be Reiki practitioners, Susan Ferro and Susan LaSorsa (who was away). To see our guests emerge from the room with a look of relaxation and calmness is priceless, this is exactly what we intend for them to experience during this retreat.

DINNER TIME! Everyone was ready for a good, healthy meal after all the activity during the afternoon! Great conversation, a lot of sharing, a little vino – perfect!

To tie this day up with a big ole’ bow was Gina Costa. Gina, a breast cancer survivor herself, is a Life Coach with a special interest in helping other cancer thrivers on their healing journey. Her whole session was really about taking a step back to look at your challenges and refocus your energy around them. Gina empowered our survivors by giving them different methods of looking at 6 energy influences and how to shift their thoughts around them resulting in a new perspective. Really important and easy information to follow and use. Gina came from NJ to spend the day with everyone and she really added a great vibe to the whole event!

After hours many stayed up chatting, connecting, and even using the jacuzzi! So nice to kick back and relax after a packed day! Now I know what my friend was raving on about after she’d bought a jacuzzi/hot tube from somewhere like I loved it that much, I’ve even considered looking for one for myself, haha! Anyway, the next morning a recap during breakfast and Teresa introduced everyone to many self healing books and Angel Cards…what a way to end Wellness Retreat #18! Also…take note of the artistic talent…our morning waiter sketched this during breakfast…amazing!

Thank you all who supported us along the way so we may provide these weekends FREE OF CHARGE to our guests, we could not do any of this without you! Special thank you to our volunteers who share their gift of knowledge and time and bring such compassion to our survivors – you are incredible!

Most of all, THANK YOU to our guests, you are all so amazing! We learn so much from you and it has been our honor to be in your company this weekend. God Bless!

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