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Dr. Siobhan Hanlon

Dr. Siobhan Hanlon

  • Dr. Siobhan Hanlon
  • Chiarperson/Medical Advisory Board

Naturopathic Doctor, Hanlon Health and Wellness

New York’s Dr. Siobhan Hanlon is poised to change and transform lives. Devoted to healing patients as a whole through a holistic approach, she continues to have great success, unifying traditional, science-based medicine with natural complimentary methodologies. Dr. Hanlon strongly believes in discovering the root of one’s chronic and acute illness as she treats the whole person, taking various aspects of one’s life into close consideration when making appropriate interventions.

Through adult and pediatric individualize recommendations, Dr. Hanlon restores her patients to optimal function, applying her knowledge and expertise to address disorders, such as allergies, Chron’s disease, Lupus, arthritis, migraines, celiac disease, Type I diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Her keen attention to detail allows patients to quickly unite with their bodies to fight against daily maladies and combat the body’s natural, yet degenerative, aging process. With a high focus in dermatology she helps patients nourish their skin and restore natural radiance and vigor. She also assists her clients in recognizing their full potential, giving the body the tools needed to restore health and vitality while ceasing the dis-ease and discomfort the body may feel.

Prior to earning her doctorate, Dr. Hanlon counseled troubled individuals in an intensive outpatient substance abuse program as a social worker and youth counselor. Her past credentials in mental health outreach drove her further in her study of the body’s well being, gaining her invaluable experience.

Dr. Hanlon truly enjoys working with diverse adult and child conditions – both chronic and acute, including autoimmune disorders and deficiencies. Notably, by establishing a therapeutic bond with her clients, Dr. Hanlon creates a disease-prevention protocol, maintaining and optimizing health in the body. She also has a special interest in nutritional work and weight loss, developing unique individualized plans at Inner Source Health.

Dr. Hanlon graduated summa cum laude, valedictorian at the University of Bridgeport, School of Naturopathic Medicine and earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Stony Brook University. She successfully completed her master’s studies in nutrition at the University of Bridgeport.
Dr. Hanlon is a proud member of the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians.