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NYSC/Smithtown Fundraiser for Strength for Life 11/19/16

Posted Saturday December 31, 2016 by Debra Hughes

NYSC/Smithtown Fundraiser for Strength for Life 11/19/16
On behalf of Strength for Life, we would like to thank NYSC/Smithtown for the Spin/Zumba/Yoga/Water Aerobic Fundraiser 11/19/2016, raising over $3100 using various fundraising ideas to get the word out there. The contributions received will help Strength for Life continue on the mission of providing FREE exercise classes and wellness weekends to people living with cancer and survivors. Since our inception in 2007 we have helped over 1700 cancer patients/survivors feel their absolute best!
As you may know, Strength for Life was formed in memory of Evelyn Knapp, an exercise physiologist, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2005. After Evelyn’s diagnosis, she continued to exercise saying it gave her a feeling of control in an uncontrollable situation. Aside from the physiological benefits of exercising during treatment, studies have shown that there are many psychological benefits as well. The newest ACSM guidelines suggest that patients who exercise through treatment have up to a 50% increase in survival rate.
Below are the results of our class follow up based on 213 surveys.
How has your participation in this exercise program affected any/all of the following?
List the % of improvement.
Your strength 59%
Your range of motion 63%
Your endurance 62%
Dealing with everyday stress 65%
Thinking about your illness 62%
How do you feel on a daily basis 70%
Your outlook on the future 75%
Sleep patterns 63%
Our classes will resume in January 2017, we are serving 9 locations with 11 classes a week, find a class near you or to share with a friend/relative on LI.
There are also 4 retreats scheduled for 2017…read more about the wellness retreats (offered a ‘no cost’ to survivors)
Fundraisers like NYSC/Smithtown allow us to keep our programs FREE for survivors.
Thank you for your support!

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