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survivor stories and testimonials

“This non for profit is all about empowering cancer patients and survivors to thrive through exercise, positive thinking, and nutrition. Their volunteers are very pleasant and energetic. Wonderful organization with wonderful people.” -Dalyc

“Jaqcui and Debbie are truly phenomenal women. I attended their Wellness retreat this weekend and it was an amazing experience. There were many volunteers and each one’s goal was to make each participant’s life better. ANy questions or requests were treated with compassion. Everyone genuinely cared without judging. It was so refreshing – a wonderful experience!” -Sandra59

“This past weekend I attended a Retreat hosted by “Strength for Life”. What Jacqu and Debbie do with pure happiness and joy makes an enormous difference in the lives of so many at a time when people need it the most. Thank you!” – Angela Di

“Wonderful Weekend! Debbie and Jacqui did an amazing job organizing such an incredible panel of people to present workshops. We exercised as well as learned ways to stay healthy and improve our lifestyles. But most of all, we laughed and made friends with remarkable women who have been through so much in their lives and still manage to smile as they face each day. The positive energy with this group is more beneficial than any medicine a doctor can ever prescribe. Thank you for bring us all together.” ~ Annemarie M.

“Jacqui and Debbie are physical and spiritual leaders who are highly motivated individuals who will forever remain in my heart. They will spiritually and physically energize your body, mind and soul. Besides all of the information you receive and challenges they present you with, they keep the time moving with some good old fun! God Bless you Jacqui and Debbie, and all of your helpers. I hope to see you both in the near future.”
Sincerely, Patrick Dockweiller, Proud Member of SPOHNC

” …. I don’t know if you two realize that you have changed my life forever. I will drop everything to make sure I go to the exercise on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your encouragement helped alot. I always feel great after exercise and I get to see all my friends including the both of you. The food and room was nice. Of course, it helped that I knew my roommate. I also enjoyed the little get together after the day was over. Well again thank you for a wonderful weekend! See you in a couple of weeks . Looking forward to it.”
Thanks Maggie

“My experience with Strength for Life was wonderful. Sharing this weekend with a “sisterhood” of new friends, as well as with treasured ones. Debbie and Jacqui are my new found “angels.
They created a weekend full of new experiences for me. Zumba was amazing. I need to find a zumba class so I can look like Penni! Laura’s (Feng Shui Manhattan) was very interesting. So much wonderful information! Thank you so much for including me this weekend. Thank you for all you do for Strength for Life. You’re both amazing!” ~ Donna M.

I have such a thankfulness and appreciation for everything they’ve done for me – my arm is so much more mobile than post surgery and I know it is due to all the ball pushups and wall presses and resistance band training that I’ve done with Jacqui. The knowledge that we walk away with from a wellness weekend is invaluable, also I have changed the products I buy and the way we eat. Thank you so much for all of your love and dedication. I will continue to promote Strength for Life everywhere I go. May your wellness weekends be blessed with a glow of positive attitudes and life. God Bless you both.” Xoxo RK

I enjoyed the company of new friends. Sharing all our experiences enriches all our lives. I am honored to be a part of Strength for Life. Thanks again for all your efforts to make this event happen.” ~ Donna B.

“Thanks Jacqui and Debbie for another great “Wellness Weekend”. Once again you pulled off an extraordinary event, filled with helpful information and interesting activities. I loved trying new things (Reiki, Zumba, Acupuncture etc…) it’s a great opportunity to explore, focus on “just me” and relax. Everyday life can be so chaotic and adding cancer treatments & doctor’s visits, it can be overwhelming. Like last time, I plan on incorporating what I learned here at the wellness wkend, a healthy lifestyle and exercise, in my life.”

“This experience was like all my others – outstanding. Every minute of this event was meaningful, with knowledgeable caring presenters. Yet very relaxing, everyone seems to know each other within a few hours. Everyone from Zumba to Laura (Feng Shui Manhattan) brought more knowledge with fantastic presentation. Thank you.”