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Cycle for Strength, October 3, 2015 raises $37,000 for Strength for Life

Posted Monday October 12, 2015 by Damien Aviles

Cycle for Strength, October 3, 2015 raises $37,000 for Strength for Life

barbar larreaStrength for Life would like to thank Barbara Larrea and the World Gym Wantagh  for organizing “Cycle for Strength” held 10/03/14 from 9-1 at Mulcahy’s.  Another epic two hour event with participants invited to ride in honor of a cancer warrior. Enormous effort was put forth by Ms. Larrea to organize this event and by the “Team and Family’ of World Gym Wantagh. Over $37,000 was raised by this generous community, and the sponsors of the event.

Each of the 75 riders was asked to fundraise $350 for the event and all exceeded their goal.  The energy at Mulcahy’s was palpable as the riders entered,  claimed their seat, bought raffles and prepared for the experience.  Anthony Musemici and Barbara Larrea took center stage and led the riders on a fantastic journey through NYC in conjunction with their heartfelt and inspiring words.

Add in food and an open bar – what can entice you more to ride for two hours on a gloomy rainy day!

Strength for Life (SFL), is a non-profit dedicated to providing free exercise programs designed to enhance the recovery process of persons with a cancer diagnosis throughout Long Island communities.  Services provided include educating cancer patients, caregivers and the medical community on the benefits of incorporating exercise into the treatment regimen and its effect on reducing the risk of certain cancers and re-occurrences, along with improving bodily functional activities.  Programs are conducted by certified cancer exercise specialists in a group setting and held at accessible locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.  Over the past 7 years SFL has reached more than 1,500 patients and survivors.

spinnersMany survivors are initially intimidated to go back into the gym environment, our intent is to empower them to embrace the “new normal” and feel confident enough to go back to their previous activities. Learning of the astronomical co pays of a cancer diagnosis and how it can make it financially difficult for many to work with a personal trainer Strength for Life has found this solution. We have tried to eliminate all the barriers – travel, equipment, cost and qualified cancer exercise specialists.

At World Gym Wantagh – Ann Handy offers a Wellness class on Friday morning which many of our survivors added to their regime – at the low cost of $5 a walk in session. Kudos World Gym Wantagh.

We are truly blessed to have been introduced to Ms. Larrea and the many people she inspires to support our cause, Strength for Life.

**From a rider’s post on FB….(this is the family at World Gym Wantagh)

**Super huge THANK YOU to everyone that helped support our ride Saturday for Cycle for Strength.. You all helped me surpass my own personal goal by over 150%!! Total amount raised $37,000.00!!!! And if that’s not impressive enough.. Here’s a little perspective.. CFS (Cycle for Strength) is not a huge conglomerate organization that’s publicized & exposed all over the country… It’s a vision driven by 1 person who’s heart can NOT be measured!! 1 amazing person that inspires so many to love. To be all the person that they can be.. To give 110%.. To never quit.. To chase their dreams.. To never regret.. Honestly, never in my life have I met anyone like Barbara Larrea. Her time, her dedication, and her attention to every last detail that she devoted in preparing for the CFS was remarkable! Hundreds of people participated & she made sure that she found pictures of every single one of them & included them in her video.. REALLY?? Anyone that knows her knows how lucky they are to be friends with such a beautiful person.. Looking forward to next year already!

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