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Apply ONLINE  using this form.  Please note that to be eligible to attend a retreat, you must be a  cancer survivor (at any stage).  At this time retreats may only be attended once so we may serve as many people as possible. 

Once you have applied for a retreat, you will be placed on a wait list and contacted once your name is next on the list.  You may pass on a retreat once if the date does not work out for you, however, we do remove you from the list if you either do not respond to our invitation or do not show up for a retreat you have committed to.

There is no cost to participants to attend, other than the expenses involved in traveling to and from the retreat location.

Applications are on a first come, first served basis.  We limit our number to 20 cancer patients and survivors for each retreat to allow an intimate environment to optimize your experience.  You may request a specific roommate, otherwise we will match you up with  another attendee.  We do not have private rooms available.

We do not allow spouses,  partners,  friends, or care takers at this time, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and focus on yourself during this weekend “getaway”.

We do need medical clearance for participation.  Please fax it to 631-675-6513 or you may bring with you.

Be sure to CONTACT US with any questions!


“I just attended a Strength For Life Weekend Retreat. It was a great experience to be able to speak with and share stories with other people on their journey back to health. Jacqui, Debbie and Teresa were a great source of information and inspirational. I enjoyed the yoga, Reiki, Fung Shui talk…all interesting. I am grateful that I was able to attend this retreat.”   Review posted on Great Non-Profits 4/11/16


“I recently attended the Strength for Life retreat weekend. What a fabulous experience. The women I met were brave and inspiring. The event was very well organized and informative. I walked away feeling relaxed, inspired and empowered to do more for myself. It was a treat to have an event focused on my health and well-being. The entire staff was warm, friendly, happy, and sincere.
I also attend the weekly strength for life classes. It has jump started me to exercise. I feel much stronger and capable since beginning these classes. I look forward to seeing the group of ladies and our wonderful instructor, Debbie, each week. We learn exercises that we can do at home(plus have a lot of laughs at the same time). We are all different ages and at different stages of the disease, but have a common bond. I am so very grateful for this organization!”
   Review posted on Great Non-Profits 3/8/16


“I just came back from a retreat sponsored by Strength for Life, this was the most amazing experience. It was absolutely the best weekend that I have had since my diagnosis 2 years ago. Not only is the staff amazing loving people but the truly amazing brave women that I have met there. It was very well organized and went without any problems whatsoever. I came home from this retreat feeling happy, positive and empowered. It gave me a sense of wellbeing, reignited that fight inside me and also truly made me realize that we are not alone in this battle. I also attend the weekly exercise classes given by Strength for Life which I look forward to as well, not only has it inspired me to get out there and exercise more, but I also met such amazing, loving people as a result. This organization is a godsend and I am so thankful that my path has led me to them. Love, love, love the staff and the whole concept that they stand for. Thank you Debbie, Jacqui and everyone associated with Strength for Life.”   Review posted on Great Non-Profits 3/1/16